Wind of Luck

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Huge world to explore.

Similar to other games.

Wind of Luck is a game with ships and destruction and dominance. You are going to go into battle with 19 other ships, 9 of which will be on your team, and you are going to need to win. Using everything that you have, your skills, knowledge, and incredible weapons, you have to take down the enemies and come out of this the victor.

It might seem easy, but this game does have quite a few challenges. It is going to keep you guessing and pushing yourself, improving your ships and attempting to become the very best in the game. It is difficult, but oh so enjoyable.

Wind of Luck6

You start out Wind of Luck by getting your ship and going to war. You are a pirate, surrounded by other pirates, just trying to get the treasure and make sure that the enemy fails. You win when the enemies are all destroyed or when you get the treasure for yourself, whichever happens first. Just make sure that the enemy does not get their hands on the treasure or sink all of your boats because that would mean that you fail. Of course, you do not want that to happen, so try your best and go into this ready to destroy some ships.

The enemies in Wind of Luck are not going to be computers or anything like that. Instead, you have other players. This is a massive multiplayer online game that will throw you into the sea, forcing you to fight with and against other people.

Wind of Luck9

You are going to have to work with your team in order to win and you are going to have to manage the 10 other players at the same time. This keeps it interesting, ensuring that you are not struck by boredom due to terrible AI players or predictive plays from an AI, which are normal and can really bring down the enjoyment of a game.

One of the major pieces of Wind of Luck is your ship, of course. You are going to be able to choose your ship from the start. You can choose the style and you can upgrade it as much as you would like to, creating the most amazing battleship that the world will ever see. Use everything that you have, such as arsenal, to build ships that your enemies cannot outrun or destroy. You will become a powerhouse in this game, leaving only destruction behind you.

Wind of Luck12

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Everything about Wind of Luck is exciting. You are going to be able to get into it right away, start taking out enemies, and build ships that you know your enemies cannot fight against. It is an incredible experience as a whole, and certainly one that you will want to replay over and over again.

Luckily, you can play it as often as you would like to and you can love it every moment. The graphics are fantastic, the gameplay is wonderful, and the entire setup and design of the game is excellent, which is what makes this so great.

Wind of Luck is free to play.

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