Uncharted Waters Online

9.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sounds: 9/10

You can do battles on land and sea.

It is a slow-paced gameplay.

Uncharted Waters Online is an online MMORPG that is free to play. The game is set during the Age of Exploration through the 15th and 17th centuries and acts not only as a historical account of the era, but also a romantic one. This nautically-themed 3D fantasy game will throw you into the life of a merchant, pirate, trader, or sailor and will allow you to set sail into many adventures.

The gameplay is based around trading, sailing, and completing conquests. The game will follow you on your adventure as you either purchase or build ships to sail across the open seas. You can explore areas of unchartered territories, make amazing discoveries, trade goods, and conquer cities that are neutral across the globe to help influence the nation and grow your wealth.

This is a slow-paced game and will require a good amount of time being invested into it, however, for those people looking to play a more advanced MMORPG that involves more thought, then you will love what Uncharted Waters Online will offer.

Key Gameplay Features

  • Historical Ships – Build or purchase your very own ships such as the Turkish galley, Hansa cog, English frigate, Spanish carrack, and the Baltic galleon. You can enhance, upgrade, decorate, or modify your ships using thousands of provided items.
  • Conquer Cities – You will have the opportunity to conquer hundreds of cities that are neutral. This can help you gain advantage in politics and the economy. Furthermore, it will allow you to either invest gold into the city to help increase your nation’s influence or you can simply fight against other nations to win back control over cities as you wish.
  • Skills and Professions – The game features over 100 skills you can master and 75 professions you can choose from. One of the best things is that you can change professions at any time you choose.
  • 100 vs. 100 PVP fights at sea – This feature allows you to join up to 200 ships in battle to gain possession of various cities.
  • Own an Island and an apartment – In your city you are able to purchase an apartment. You can then furnish and decorate the apartment as you would like with artwork, furniture, etc. Once you have your home set-up, you can invite guild members and friends over to play and chat together. Even better, you can also locate an island that is unoccupied and construct your very own farm where you can then raise pigs and grow food.
  • Live Events – There are several events in-game that are systematic and ran regularly. In addition, special events can occur in the game with GMs. You will love to watch the fireworks displayed on summer nights in Venice with all of your friends.

Uncharted Waters Online Historical Background

It was the year 1453 AD and the capital of the Byzantium Empire, Constantinople, was being taken. Disappointed as their only passage for trading with the East was lost, the people of the Christian empire were literally scared by the frightening military ability of the Turks.

At the same time, resulting from the revolution, citizens in the area West of the Iberia Peninsula were celebrating the creation of a brand new military state they called “Spain”.

The important place, Portugal, was then forced to find new ways around the continent of Africa as they were being pressured by Muslim powers and the legendary Empire of Christians in the East. At this time, direct trading with India was very important. Additionally, Spain was dogged in their attempts to find new routes to access the East to points farther than the Atlantic Ocean. In their attempts, they entrusted Christopher Columbus to finish the task for them.

So, the overall goal is to reach the East before all the others do. When you engage in Uncharted Waters Online, you will find a time of ardent adventurers and wonderful navigators waiting for you.

Basic Gameplay Information

The game itself can be split up into towns, sea areas, and land areas. You will play and live in the real world 15th century where you are free to write your own history. At the beginning you will choose from 6 nationalities which include Dutch Republic, Republic of Venice, England, Spanish Empire, Ancient Regime in France, or the Kingdom of Portugal. In addition, you will choose from many professions including soldier, adventurer, or merchant among many others. Once you get started you can explore, trade, join in live events, or battle other players.


Before you choose a nationality, you should know a little bit of background behind each one:

Portugal – This is a nation that is focused on business where you can prosper from trading land overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This nation embraces the advances of navigation and were first to reach the Cape of Good Hope. More recently they have been fiercely competitive with Spain.

Spain – Spain is a kingdom that is powerfully authoritative and dominated by their Royal House of Habsburg. The late king’s son’s premature death opened the possibility of the Habsburgs taking over the royal throne; which is precisely what happened. Spain then gained control over the Netherlands, so that territory now belongs to the royal family.

England – This small country is situated to the north on an Island. The key’s to England’s economy is wool. However, thanks to Spain meddling politically in the Netherlands, the market has become unstable because the Netherlands were England’s largest trading partner. Currently they are having problems as trading wool has decreased and the country is in the middle of a bad recession. The Queen is working to fix the issue, however she has no method that can compare to Spain’s power.

The Netherlands – This small maritime courier nation that faces the North Sea is a large producer of the fabric wool. Recently, Spain gained control over the large Habsburg territory of the Netherlands through inheritance of the Spanish King. Although there has been meddling by Spanish politics to awake an independence movement, the strength of the military from the House of Alba works to prevent any such movement.

France – France is known as an agrarian kingdom that holds the territory from the Mediterranean Sea all the way to the North Sea. The country is surrounded by countries that specialize in ocean-faring. On the other hand, France’s sea-faring business was held back by a rather long list of monarchs who were only concerned with themselves.

Venice – This small city floats on the sea. It is also referred to as the “City of Water”. Venice has been prosperous in the maritime industry for a long time. In fact, they controlled a monopoly on profits from the Mediterranean trade for pepper from Alexandria for a long time. However, more recently, the Ottoman Empire has appeared from the East and allowed Portugal to discover a way to the Indies by sea.

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Uncharted Water Online’s Economic System

The game’s economic system looks very much like the one we use in real life. More specifically, it includes investing, trading goods, and maintaining relationships within politics. There is no limit to the amount of profit you can make. In addition, the economy will vary from time to time as the supply and demand of goods change. The game also includes applications of customs and taxes; if you are looking to reduce your taxes, then you will need to conquer some cities. You will love that the economic system gives you hundreds of opportunities to make money and find many routes to silk and spices.

Character Classes

The game includes three character classes which are as follows:

Adventurer – Adventurers have the duty of reporting all discoveries to the people interested in artifacts, new places, treasures, and exotic animals. These characters excel in survival skills and sailing, while providing their fleet with abilities that are very helpful.

Trader – Traders should sail the world to find the most and best exotic goods to trade. The motto for a trader is “buy low, sell high”. These characters also create many goods from Alchemy and Cooking.

Soldier – Soldiers should defend merchants and adventurers from pirates. In exchange for the defense, the soldiers get glory and fame. On the other hand, you could choose to become pirates. Whichever you choose, you will have fun joining into melee action and bombing ships if you are in the solider class.

Uncharted Waters Online is free to play.

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