7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Trading system adds interest to exploration.

Level-based lockouts can leave you starved for content in certain stretches of the game.

Oftentimes, pirate games are a bit one-dimensional, focusing all on the treasure hunt, or the fights, or the exploring, yet never really balancing all three. Well, a well-rounded pirate game was asked for, and Trade Winds definitely delivers!

Tradewinds 12

This Facebook game begins with an incredibly helpful tutorial that allows you to navigate how to travel on your ship, fight other pirates, and trade goods. From there, you get to explore different island chains, all while working to upgrade your ship and your pirate’s home island. Quest centered, your goal is to find lots of treasure, buy and sell goods on various islands and, of course, always come out on top with fights between you and your peers. Despite the use of quests to propel the game along, there are plenty of options for free play, exploring the game’s worlds and its various interesting, colorful characters.

Tradewinds 6

The more you play the more goods you earn and places you get to explore. Each island (of which there are many) all specializes in a specific type of good, and you can make some quick bucks delivering on that desire. As you’re ferrying goods about, you’ll likely run into other pirates, and end up engaging in some pretty impressive open sea battles not expected for this level of game.

Tradewinds 8

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Unlike other social media games, this one is kind of solitary, although you can involve your friends when it comes to hiring out certain aspects of treasure hunting as the game progresses. While you’ll eventually run out of quests, you don’t ever have to stop hunting for treasure or trading goods, which means that you can certainly rack up a sizeable fortune with this one. Enjoy

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