The Sims™ Medieval

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Combat is more interactive than the PC version.

Some of the touch commands don't seem to respond very well.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: MMORPGs with Pirates.

Have you obsessively played SIMS in all of their incarnations, secretly hoping that someday, you’d be able to run your own kingdom as one? Well, now you can, and all on your iDevice!

The Sims™ Medieval takes you back in time to castles, knights, kings, and court jesters, where you work diligently to build a kingdom through various quests.

the-sims-medieval 1

You can role play as any number of characters just as in all of the classic SIMS games, creating unique personalities and playing around with how your actions affect your character’s persona and how he or she is viewed by the rest of the SIMs crowd. Try your hand as a squire, a Lady, or heck – even a Vampire! The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun!

As you work through quests to better establish your kingdom, you’ll also work to master skills and create various potions in which to control the characters around you, all with the help of different specialists that you get to choose.

the-sims-medieval 6

Learn to fight or fish, lure men or women to your side, and start (and end) epic rivalries. All the while, you’ll need to take care of your SIM’s basic needs, including hunger and energy.

Like the original SIMS, this Medieval version isn’t generational. Your character can procreate and, if you die, your adult child can take over for your game; however, your SIM wont progress through standard life stages.

the-sims-medieval 7

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And unlike other versions of SIMS, this one has a specific end, which means you can fail at it. Throughout the course of the game, your SIM will face plagues, peasant revolts, dangerous wildlife, poisons, and duels, any of which can kill him or her. And, if you don’t complete the quests as necessary or fail to advance your SIM far enough, you won’t win.

Overall, as with most SIMs games, the graphics are graphics here are utterly striking, and the scenery is incredibly detailed, truly transporting you back in time. And all of this is enhanced by the full advantage take of your iDevice’s Retina Display. Enjoy!

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: MMORPGs with Pirates.

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