The Curse of the Ring

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Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Good graphics.

Same old puzzles.

Losing something is never fun, but that is what has happened with many pirates. In order to recover their lost items, people have to go in search of them. In The Curse of the Ring, that is the exact situation that you find yourself in at the moment. You are trying to get the lost items of a pirate that are buried at sea.

Doing this involves a little searching along with some puzzle completion. If you put your mind to it and get through this, you will be able to gather everything successfully. Of course, in these types of games, it is the journey that matters more. In The Curse of the Ring, that journey is full of excitement, wonder, and mind bending puzzles that will make you work for your treasure.

The Curse 6

The Curse of the Ring is set on a ship and has you in search of your lost treasure. As you might think, that is going to take quite a bit of searching and time. To make it a bit more difficult for you, you are going to be swimming around in search of these items and going through various rooms.

Everything is laid out in front of you, of course, but there is still the puzzles and searching that you have to do. This is not always so simple, either. Some are quite difficult, while others are easy to find. Managing all of this is possible, but it is going to take some hard work.

The Curse 12

The puzzles are incredible here. As you complete these hidden object puzzles, you are going to be finding more of the treasure that you want. This is going to take quite a bit of time and effort, but it is all exciting. If you love puzzles and want to find yourself surrounded by them, this is the game to play. Each one that you complete has its difficulties and each one will bring you closer to getting your treasure. They are all entertaining, too, so you do not have to worry about becoming bored because of one.

Scuba diving through the various areas is going to be difficult at times. You are going to be going from place to place in search of your items, and it is not always so easy to do. In order to make it more possible for you, you are going to have hits and nudges along the way.

The Curse 5

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This will help you to understand where you need to go and where you should not be. This is going to give you the chance to save a lot of time without losing any of the mystery or fun.

The Curse of the Ring offers a lot for the puzzle gamer in all of us. If you have always enjoyed a good hidden object puzzle, this is definitely something to look into. You have a lot of excitement and joy everywhere that you go, and there are plenty of challenges awaiting you. While certain parts have made the game easier, there are still enough challenges to keep your mind working.

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