Sid Meier’s Pirates!

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Fast, exciting pace.

Minor stability issues.

Sid Meier’s Pirates is highly regarded as one of the most beloved pirate games available for the PC. The game was originally published in 1987 and many people still continue to play it to this day for its planned of action role-playing and strategy.

Recently there has been a remake released for this game that attempts to offer the exact same features to an entirely new generation of gamers.

As you start off the game you begin as a pirate who is out for revenge against a Spanish noblewoman who wronged your family. The game is extremely open ended and your motivations can very quickly change from the original reason that you went to sea. In the game you can become a privateer, treasure hunter, Explorer or trader. The way that you choose to play the game is all about the type of quests that you enjoy and the type of gameplay experience that you want to get out of Pirates.
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The idea of the game is to progress as much as possible to gain fame and notoriety as a pirate as well as amass a giant pirate fortune, so that you can eventually retire. Your character will age throughout the course of the game so it’s very important that you try to advance in the game as well as explore.

When you begin the game you will need to pick a specialization as well as a pirate name. Specialization such as sword fighting will help you in sword fighting duels, navigation helps your ships to travel faster, and wit and charm will help you to align yourself with new characters much easier.

Almost immediately after starting the game you are presented with your own ship and your character is left on their own to go out and meet people and pick up quests to complete to become a more successful pirate.

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You can work to upgrade your ship, your equipment, to buy food and also upgrade your crew. Part of the game is a management system where you can only carry as much food as your vessel can hold and that you can afford. It’s very important to keep enough food on hand to feed your crew as they could mutiny on you and cause you to have to spend more money on your expeditions.

When your cruise morality is very low you will have to pay them extra money in order to keep them from fighting you. Crew members will also desert you quite easily if you are not able to bring in enough money to support them.

Ship battles are quite a lot of fun and is your ship is traveling the game’s camera will move in rate on your ship so that you can easily control it and maneuver around rocks so that you can gain cover and lineup your ship to make shots at your enemies.

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There are a lot of extras to consider such as the wind and weather for controlling a battle and also firing your shots. You can earn rewards by taking down enemy ships by providing evidence to certain factions. With an upgraded ship this can be a quick way to advance through the game.

If you are interested in playing an amazing action RPG, or you are a fan of playing pirate games, this is probably one of the best single player pirate games available for PC.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! is free to play.

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