9.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sounds: 9/10

No download required - completely browser based

Leveling up is based only on quests

If you love a good pirate tale, you will love this game. You will take command as a captain of a pirate ship and sail through the high seas. You will complete quests to earn gold, purchase new vessels and cannons and blast other players out of the water. Nearly all areas in Seafight have an open PvP ruleset, so be sure to join a clan and travel with friends.

You’ll find several different ways to play Seafight to get your pirate blood pumping. You can simply sail around and fight other pirates and sea monsters for gold and booty, or you can work the different pirate quests that are available for you. Killing monsters is a staple no matter what, as it offers you great gold to build up your ship and crew, so you need to do this no matter what type of game play you’re into.

If you choose to take on the quests offered to you, you will do everything from killing off some pirates to escorting a princess to locating better land for the king. Every quest offers you a ton of experience points and normally a good amount of gold as well. Completing quests in Seafight is the fastest way to level up.

Once you fulfill the conditions and finish all the quests and become level Two, then you can move on to the PVP map! Any player that wants to can attack you on this map, and the computer controlled ships that you face are harder to kill. It takes at least another few levels before you are able to hold your own against the opponents here. Fortunately, there are plenty of Quests to do!

In the game, you aren’t just out shooting monsters or saving princesses. You also have to keep an eye on your crew, which means keeping them healthy with food, life vests, and, of course, Rum. You have to keep an eye on your weapons, for both other pirates and monsters. And, you have to learn how to keep your ship in top shape, your ammo full, your quests in high gear, how to deal with the trader, how to shop from the bazaar, and much more.

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As you move along in the game, you will find what works best for your playing style, how to keep your crew healthy and happy, and how to upgrade as quickly as possible without losing too much gold or pearls. Personally, I love the game play, as it pulls different areas from different types of MMO games, and still allows you enough freedom and uniqueness to make the game worthwhile.

If you love pirate movies and games, and you love MMO games, then this game is definitely for you.

Seafight is free to play.

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