Rule the Seas

6.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

This is a very entertaining text-based pirate-themed game.

You'll be kept in the hospital for half a day when you level up or when you're in a higher level.

Rule the Seas is a browser-based pirate game. The game is free to play and only involves you signing up on the rule the seas website. Once you have signed into the game you have the option to become a respected pirate by donating to the game. There is no pressure to donate in order to become a respected pirate but keep in mind that respected pirates in the game will get added features that will help to make the game a bit easier.

The main idea of the game is to try steal as much gold as you can and rule the seas by bankrupting other players, and killing and injuring other players in the game to steal their fortune. The game is extremely cutthroat just as real pirating should be.

Elements of the game include the casino which can help you to win a fair amount of money or gamble your treasure with other players. The casino features games such as:


Lucky dip: this is a once per day chance to win a lottery system. The game costs $1000 in order to buy in but the rewards are staggering so it’s very important to try it every day.

50/50:  this is were to pirates will put up an equal amount of money where the winner of the game will take all of the money -10% for the house. You can start your own match or match an existing bet to try and take another player down.

Higher or lower: higher or lower is a fairly easy game where you will just have to bet whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current card. This is a quick way that you can win a lot of money in the game, but it is important to remember that the cards are random.


Slot machines: a typical slot machine where the maximum amount of your bet is determined by your level. You can work to bet higher amounts as you level up through the game which can allow you to earn massive amounts of money when you reach higher levels.

If you are interested in taking on quests you will have to go to the downtown area in order to search through the job center to take on new jobs. There are new jobs available each day and having certain jobs will help you to increase your strength, defense, speed, experience and money every single day. Completing tasks for your job will allow you to earn extra money and also level your character.


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You can also work to upgrade your character, buy homes, buy consumable items which can help you out, sell items to earn more money, purchase sailing vessels, become a part of a gang and send items to other players too. By becoming part of the gang you can work to help out other players in their game and also help to gang up against some of the more powerful players in the game having a gang gives you a good defense if you are ever attacked.

Rule the Seas is an extremely cutthroat game that features a variety of extra options that can help you to earn money in game and become a better pirate. The game gets extremely competitive especially if you join a gang and start to attack other pirates in the game. When you start to become a powerful pirate the game can become quite addictive.

Rule the Seas is free to play.

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