6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Unique game concept with outstanding style

There are only 14 levels with 3 survival levels.

Plunderland is a smart phone application adventure game that allows you to play as captain peg legs ghostly spirit in a pirate themed adventure. We could see tyrants have stolen captain peg legs treasure and he works with a group of new pirates to try and get his treasure back to people who deserve it.

The game involves sailing between different ports and plundering as much treasure as you can find by completing side scrolling adventure style missions. By tilting the phone back and forth as you play you can work to control the players and also aim guns and swing swords with the buttons in the game.

The game also features ship battles where you will have to maneuver your ship in place to get a good shot at the enemy. Not only will you have to fight bands of pirates but you can also face off against British ships and Sea monsters when you’re out at sea as well.

Boat upgrades are required in order to be very successful at the game. You can purchase boat upgrades by completing missions and upgrading your boat through this door. You can also unlock special abilities with bowspirits which you can earn throughout the course of the game as well. As you complete missions it is quite easy to eventually start earning these extras which can help you to have a much better character as well as a much stronger boat.

The game features support for both iPhone and iPad so that you can play it on any one of these devices. Downloading the game can be done quite easily through the iTunes Store or through the Apple application market. The game also comes with a wide variety of game Center achievements that help you to stack up your scores against friend scores to see how you compare. It can get extremely competitive when you get a few friends playing the game all at once.

After you complete the initial story game there are also survival levels where you will have to defeat waves of enemies with your upgraded character. By working to upgrade your character and your ships you can become much more successful in the survival levels and also work to earn more points for your online leader boards by getting higher and higher scores in survival levels as well.

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You will be surprised at just how entertaining this game can be. It has at least as much content as your favorite side scrolling adventure is from the original Nintendo systems and brings back an old-style of game that many people absolutely love. Because of the ability to have ship battles which can be quite fun on their own, the game also has extra elements that can be fun for just about anyone. The ship battles actually feel as though you are putting control and it will take practice before you can get very good at firing cannons and controlling your ship.

It’s easy to get hooked on the Plunderland single player content and then enjoy the arcade mode content that you can casually play on your phone any time.

Plunderland is free to play.

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