Pirates: Tides of Fortune

9.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sounds: 9/10

Great graphics and sound.

Laggy on low-end computers.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune allows you to set sail for the riches as you plunder through battle from a half-drowned prisoner to the legendary scourge of the Seven Seas! Create you team using some of the most dubious buccaneers around to explore nearby areas including Tortuga before you begin building a pirate fleet to help you make colonies full of people to kneel to your flag.

In the game you will master game-changing discoveries, diplomacy, and trade as you lift your Pirate Haven from a no-name deserted isle to the busy hub of a seaborne empire.

About the Game

This game follows you on path full of inglorious pirates. You begin your quest as a prisoner who is washed up on shore of an island that is deserted. Here you will create a crew full of merciless buccaneers who will help you stagger through Tortuga’s streets to construct a fleet.

You will quickly rise the ranks from a mere prisoner to become the greatest pirate every by growing a fleet of vessels stocked with a militia of swashbucklers. A lot of the game has full voice work which really grabs your attention. When you first see the game, it has lots of animation and a large story. In this game you will have to build your very own pirate coves, however more importantly you will need to defend them from both enemies and friends.

Highlights of the Game

Pirates: Tide of Fortune is a high quality video game that you can play free through Facebook. The game’s interface is simple to follow and the graphics are top-notch. Additionally, the game has full sound effects, voice overs, and music. These features are so great to see because not every free video game offers so much.

The game’s soundtrack features music you would expect to hear on a pirate-themed movie or video game as it may repeat itself over and over. Still, it is good to hear quality music used in free to play video games because let’s face it, not all games that are free to play even have sound effects; so, this is a really nice addition.

When it comes to the graphics, the 3D visuals are actually realistic. Not only do the buildings and other elements of the environment feature a lot of detail, but also the human characters doing work on the grounds look very life-like. Possibly one of the best features with this game is how you can switch to a full-screen view so easily; unlike other games that make you either pause the game or access the main menu to change views.

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The main goal of the game is similar to all other RTS type games and that is to breathe life into a city of your own by gathering resources. As you collect resources, you can build buildings and then recruit workers to maintain your civilization. Additionally, you can hire pirates who are like-minded to keep your colony safe from the large amount of enemies around just waiting to steal your resources from you.

Finally, we must commend the voice acting in the game which keeps it very entertaining. Your guide will take your humorously through using a pirate-type accent. However, if you wish, your pirate can speak in a more refined accent that is easier to understand than the unorthodox accent; depending which portion of the world you come from, your pirate can also speak different languages.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is free to play.

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