Pirates 1709

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

This game is browser based, meaning no download required.

If you transport your goods, its max 3000 per ship only.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Pirate Strategy Games.

Pirates 1709 is an online game themed with pirate adventures where you can engross yourself in the amazing world of freebooters. In the game you will be responsible for constructing your own settlement, producing raw materials, building defense systems and ships, waging war on enemies, and establishing Confederations and Alliances. With Pirates 1709 you are offered a wide array of options with tons of action.

To become super powerful you will need to improve the skills of your crew. Pirates 1709 lets you use many types of tactics on your opponents. If you choose the correct ones then you will always stay one step in front. Once you get into the game you can go into alliances to fight against enemy confederacies.

Getting started on Pirates 1709

After you have joined the site, you will move into a settlement in one of the five regions. When your game starts you will have one fisherman and one lumberjack that will make sure your settlement has a small amount of income already. Now – it’s your turn to start building your settlement bigger.

You will have several production buildings that produce rum, taler, or wood. You will want to upgrade the production buildings as soon as you can because it will help increase your settlement’s productivity. At any rate, you won’t just get production buildings as you will also need a shipyard to first build the ships.


In the game it is the 17th century and European nations have founded forts and settlements around the continent to help exploit their newest territories. It is the golden age for both buccaneers and pirates – and now it is your mission to gain glory and fame.

Game Synopsis

Pirates 1709 is an online browser-based MMO where you need to conquer Caribbean colonies and go to battle with thousands of real pirates.


  • You will become more powerful as you learn to improve your crew’s skills.
  • Offers many tactics you can use in battle against opponents
  • Be the founder of your own settlement
  • You can arm and train your very own “Grand Armada” which is your weaponry fleet
  • Build and expand your fortifications
  • Produce your own goods to keep and/or sell


As you grow you will gain Hall of Fame points. As you do this, you can go into battle mode against other players. If you look on the menu you will see the crew members that are necessary for you to carry out whatever plan you have. You will notice that each type of crew has their own unique strengths. For example, the Guards are the team best matched to protect the settlement as they have the maximum ratings for defense. On the other hand, The Sea Dogs are the most powerful in terms of attacks. Just remember that you can only hire as many crew members as your fortress and ships can support.

The game is very detailed. In fact, you can go to the tactics menu and set tactics for each ship. Each of the tactics is superior to two of the other tactics and there are five total. In other words, if you choose a tactic that is stronger than your opponents, then you will get an extra 10% as a bonus on top of your current strength for battle.

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When it comes to attacking in Pirates 1709, you can choose to loot or you can take over opposing settlements. If you want to take over someone else’s settlement, you will need a governor. The governor will have the job of running the new settlement. However, you can only take one over if you have at least double the strength of the opposing player. If you meet the requirements and end up successful in taking your opponent’s settlement, you also take their production facilities which lose half of their upgrades during the takeover. Additionally, you will gain that person’s goods such as rum, taler, and wood with the settlement.

In the end, this is a fun pirate themed MMO that will keep you having fun for hours. What are you waiting for? Start your settlement today!

Pirates 1709 is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Pirate Strategy Games.

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