Pirate Storm

9.1 Overall Score
Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 9/10

The Battle Arena is really enjoyable.

Open world battles can be very hard.

Pirate Storm is a free to play, browser-based, MMO strategy game set in the era of pirates. It has many RPG features as well. Also playable through Facebook, alone or with other pirates in their guild, players must face monsters from the darkest depths of the ocean and greedy, enemy pirates.

Players navigate the ocean as dreaded pirates, and fight adversaries, monsters and fiends in the battle for fame and glory. The game’s world is divided into 12 different maps. The ocean is full of enemy ships, epic monsters and aspiring adventurers. Destroy opponents at will to gain experience and diamonds, or follow the quests found in local ports.

Set sail as a simple landlubber and make a name for yourself on the high seas. You will rise in rank with every battle, until you are the most feared pirate on the ocean. Load the harpoons, turn sea monsters into chum, send your enemies to their watery graves and unleash the devastating power of your cannon fire.

There are shops in every town where you can buy cannons, sails, ammunition and anything necessary to face your enemies. You can also save up to buy a new, better ship. Pirate Storm also includes a auction system in wich players can trade items between them.
When you reach higher levels, you can join a guild or create your own and fight along with your friends against vicious monsters. Finally, you can share your accomplishments with your social circle since the game supports sharing via Facebook.

Upon docking at the local town hall players are able to:

• Upgrade the docking station to allow addition slots for more ships
• Select from a list of available quest to be completed
• Apply to join a guild or form your own
• Bid on items that other players or selling or put an item of your own up for auction

Enemies can be engaged by moving into range and selecting the attack command on the bottom interface bar. After engaging, the damage dealt and received is displayed above the ship or monster being attacked.

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There are two types of PvP combat you can engage in; the first is the Battle Arena where you verse an enemy player in one-on-one combat in an isolated map. Having speed and damage in this mode is a good way to get ahead, as you can kite your enemy and strike with force when you see an opportunity. The second type of PvP is world PvP, where all players in that area are able to be attacked by enemy pirates at any time.

The Battle Arena is the best feature in the game, giving a challenging and enjoyable experience; however, it is missing a good ranking system, as currently, it only ranks levels.

Pirate Storm is the hottest sea exploration game right now, and its growing population of players has changed the exploration, from the individualistic adventure to surviving and benefiting from the crowd.

Play Pirate is free to play.

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