Pirate Quest

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Good PvP system.

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The online pirate game, Pirate Quest, allows you to set sail and explore the vast wonders of the Caribbean while you pillage through town and rob and fight your fellow monsters and pirates. In Pirate Quest you will realize text-based RPGs have never been so alive before as you will explore the Caribbean with thousands of other seafaring wenches and blokes just like yourself. The game features interactive graphics that are colorful. So, what are you waiting for? ‘Get yer rum’ and set sail on an adventure you will not want to return from.

Gameplay Basics

Pirate Quest is a 2D browser based MMO that allows you to explore for hidden treasure all around the Caribbean. This action game will have you setting sail across the seas to seek out many types of nautical adventures. Designed as a quality pirate game, with this MMO you will find it very entertaining and fun.

Use the game map to guide you across the open seas as you set out on your quest to attain both fortune and fame. When you look at the map you will literally follow the “X” to find clues and treasure. Of course, the game is not that easy, there will be “X”s that lead to nothing just to keep it interesting.

Once you reach an “X”, the MMO makes you work to find out what the treasure is by playing a game where you match three items. You will need to clear the level by taking away all the blue boxes on the screen. The blue boxes are cleared by examining the objects inside the boxes and matching three of the same together.

There is a small catch, however. You will be timed and if the boxes are not cleared before the sand in the timer runs out, you will lose. Here you will have three lives, or chances, to clear the level and eventually move on. By winning the level and clearing the way you will finally reveal what is underneath the “X”. However, if you lose three times your game is over.

The farther you make it into the game, the harder the quests become. There will be an increased number of obstacles added which will make finishing the level more difficult in the time allotted. Furthermore, to make things harder, some objects you find will be locked. You will need to match objects in order to unlock these objects. It will take you longer to clear the board this way because you will first need to clear every lock. However, if you are not diligent, you will run out of time.

Your Character and Other Gameplay Features

Once you log into Pirate Quest, you will begin your adventure. Here you will exist as one of thousands of pirates in the world. Much like other MMORPGs your goal will be to level your character up and gain experience while completing quests.

Stats and Attributes – You will need to gain experience points constantly. The game features three major attributes and four major personal stats.

Locating and Using Items – The game has more than eight categories of items that are usable in addition to dozens of items that are rare and common. When you collect good items, you can keep the ones you need or sell the ones you don’t for additional cash. Spend your cash toward armor and weapons that will help give you the upper hand in battle.

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Owning your own Ship – Pirate Quest allows you to be the captain of your very own ship! Feel free to upgrade certain parts or your entire ship as you can afford. You will use your ship to sail the treacherous Caribbean where you will encounter enemy ships, enchanted creatures and other subtle surprises along your journey.

Learning Team Work with your Fleet – The game is wonderful for helping you learn how to work on a team as you will begin your own fleet by recruiting pirates who are savage enough to survive. You will love connecting with your friends and working toward common goals. For example, your fleet could engage in a war with a rival fleet via battles on the land or at sea.

Pirate Quest is a great Social network – In the Pirate Quest world, you will be given the chance to connect with old friends or meet new acquaintances. The longer you play the game, the more you will build up a list of players you can trade goods with, enemies you need to attack, and members of your own fleet.

Pirate Quest is free to play.

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