Pirate King Online

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

The game takes a humorous approach to its presentation.

Boring at the start of the game.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: MMORPG.

Pirate King Online is a beautiful online game where you play as a pirate in hopes of becoming the best. You are going to be battling with an incredible system that will drag you in and make you want to keep going. This will make it far more appealing to people, especially when battling is the reason that you started playing.

Along with this, you have a large amount of jobs, equipment, and items to keep you interested. This will make it possible for you to grow your character in various ways. Take advantage of what is out there and begin developing your character so that you can become the pirate king.

Pirate King 7

As stated, Pirate King Online is all about becoming the pirate king, as the name suggests. To do this, you are given the opportunity to battle and explore in ways that you cannot in many other games. You are going to be moving on land and sea to where you have to go.

Look everywhere and try to see just how good you can be in this game. With it being online, you are going to have to compete with other players, of course. You are not alone and you should see how this is going to change the game for you. In many cases, this will make it a lot more interesting.

Pirate King 5

For a lot of the game, you are going to be battling. The battle system in Pirate King Online is extraordinary. If you feel that many other games are lacking in this area, over simplifying everything and making battles less than appealing, then this will probably make it up for you. You are battling on land, on sea, and on various islands around you. There are different systems for each and they are all exceptional. This helps to make the most out of your skills and to push you further towards success.

This is not all about battling, of course. You are also going to be able to have jobs. The jobs available will give you the chance to make use of what is around you. Find the one that suits your interests and then begin developing your skills with it. You can also buy plenty of items and equipment to help you on your journey.

Pirate King 11

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When you use everything together, you will have a pirate that will strike fear in your opponents. This gives you the chance to make more money, to have fun, and to be a massive success.

Everything comes together beautifully. Pirate King Online offers incredible anime style art that will grab your attention and your imagination. It will suck you in and make every move far more exciting. This helps to take you away from the boring and the simple, what you normally find with games, while making everything that is offered much better. From the stunning visuals during the battles to just moving around the areas, you are going to be able to enjoy the graphics that are offered in every part of the game.

Pirate King Online is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here:  MMORPG.

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