Pirate Gunner HD

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10

Story mode has 50 different puzzles.

When you run out of fuse taps you fail the level and you have to play again.

Pirate Gunner HD is a free smart phone application in the form of a sea battle puzzle game. The game has become extremely popular with over 6000 ratings as well as over 1 million downloads. Players can partake in three different game modes and there is plenty of engaging content that can keep you very busy playing pirate gunner on your phone, tablet or PC.

The game is set in a pirate universe and the idea is to complete sea battles as a Pirate Gunner by solving puzzles to keep your guns firing continuously. As you solve puzzles this will allow you to take a shot with your gun. If you can solve puzzles quickly you will be able to sink the enemy ship much faster, but being unable to solve a puzzle could lead to you sinking your sailing vessel.

The game also has a number of fun animated scenes that help to keep it somewhat humorous between each level. As you progress through the story mode you will be able to see small cut scenes which are designed to be humorous and sort of work as a reward for completing each level. The story surrounds the idea of being a pirate and the story of finding an amazing pirate treasure haul on the Golden Island. As your crew progresses to the island you will learn more about them as well as see a number of different plot twists. By protecting your crew and getting them to the island safely through completing puzzles and working as a gunner, you will be rewarded handsomely with pirate gold.

The story mode has over 20 original sea battles that get progressively harder as you advance. The puzzles will continue to challenge you as you go through the story mode. There are also achievements that you can unlock as you complete the 20 act story.

The puzzle mode is an ongoing mode that challenges players to solve generated puzzles. You will need to use a limited amount of moves to complete the puzzle which can offer up a real challenge.

The arcade mode is where you are set against an unlimited amount of ships to see how long you can last completing puzzles as fast as you can. By connecting the game to Facebook you can post your favorite high scores from the arcade mode to see which of your friends is the best of the game. The game also has gained center support if you have friends on that network so you can see how you do in online leader boards.

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As players are able to solve puzzles quickly they can also work to get critical hits and combos which will work to wear down their enemies much faster. It does take practice to get really good at the puzzles but once you have played the game a few times you can start to earn combos as well as critical hits.

If you are a fan of the puzzle game genre, Pirate Gunner HD has a lot to offer. Because the game is available as a mobile app you can play just about anywhere and with the puzzle mode in arcade mode even after you have completed the story mode there is still lots of content they can keep you happy.

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