Pirate Corruption

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Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10
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You have an option to use your wealth to buy the shares of other managers to expand your influence.

You can be corrupt and pillage the city treasury.

Pirate Corruption is a free to play MMORPG. The game promises that it will constantly update and provide players with new content. The idea is to play the game as a pirate would and to enjoy what it would be like to live life as a pirate by leveling up your character and going on missions to collect treasure.

When you start your very first character you will have to pick a variety of stats that can help you to earn gold in the game. Once you have selected your character and how you want them to look as well as the statistics that they will start with you will move on to the ship selection screen.

Every player in the game gets their very own sailing vessel which helps him to travel between ports and eventually start earning treasure. When you first begin you will start with a very small dinghy vessel and eventually upgrade your ship to a large sailing vessel which will have an increased cargo capacity meaning you can go away on adventures for longer period. It can take time to work up from the dinghy to a larger sailing vessel but once you do have the larger vessel you can carry much more gold and work to see your fortunes increase much faster.

In order to earn gold in the game you will need to learn how to trade goods and items when you are in port. One of the most important parts of being a pirate is having a bit of business sense so as you find goods you will need to learn how to ship goods as well as which goods can command the most price in each port. Learning this information will help you to earn the most amount of money out of trading your cargo around.You can also create competition with import by trading to different companies. Eventually you can work to start your own company which will allow you to help recruit other players to work for you as well as help you to generate an income.

Players can work for you as either suppliers or laborers, as a supplier players will be able to trade in raw materials to you that you can then make into products. As laborers players will be responsible for actually making the products that you are selling. All of your products are sold automatically at the end of each day and depending on the price that each product is going for in the worldwide trading network this will help you to earn a profit.

Once you have earned a decent fortune in the game you can eventually work to start buying into other managers companies while taking a profit each day in the form of a dividend. This is a way that you can earn a passive income even if you’re not regularly logging in to play the game.

Politics is another way that you can earn money but in order to be successful in generating money in politics you will need to complete missions and work up favor with certain offices in each port. This can take time but it can also make you extremely wealthy.

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Of course the option to be a pirate and to continue getting treasure and taking over fleets and businesses can also work to help to gain you more money as well.

Ultimately, pirate corruption gives you a number of different ways that you can earn a fortune in the game. As you build up your character and build up your wealth the game can get extremely challenging and give you a number of great options for how you want to play. This can be a lot of fun if you can play with some friends and work to establish your own pirate businesses to help each other out.

Pirate Corruption is free to play.

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