Pirate 101

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10

Easy to play

Limited chat.

Pirate 101 and Wizard 101 are set in the same universe and similarly each take on a style that is rather cartoony but has a vivid palette. The battlefield goes from the sky to the ground (surprisingly enough, not the seas). As the game begins, a war between several nations is just ending which causes the mutiny of pirates into power in plunder and trade.

Playing the Game

You will guide your tall ship across the floating islands and skyways as a Musketeer, Witchdoctor, Buccaneer, Swashbuckler, or Privateer. Your ship can be customized with upgrades, heraldry, and personal flags. Sail your ship to find the riches and mysteries while engaging in battles that are different such as aerial ship-to-ship combat or swashbuckling on the ground style action, and more. Unlike Wizard 101 where you collect cards, Pirate 101 is better compared to a board game. Once you get to the point where you have a lot of other players for your personal use the battle will become much like that of a turn-based strategy game.

Pirate 101 3

Aside from strategy, the other great part about Pirate 101’s combat is that it involves certain goals that you must achieve while you are battling enemies. For example, you and your crew must beat the boss and attempt to unlock three pillars found at separate locations around the room. Additionally, you will face other obstacles to overcome in order to complete the objective.

You can play Pirate 101 for free but there are additional items that you can purchase and use to enhance the game.


Pirate 101 is a kid-safe MMO where you can join at any age to engage in a quest online to make new friends while playing. Pirate 101 is constantly being updated with new content. Here you will find hundreds of hour’s worth of enjoyment as you will love playing in the different game worlds that include wild west deserts, cherry blossom fields, and tropical treasure islands. Begin by creating your own unique pirate character and start playing free of charge!

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It is a marvellous time of adventure of exploration when you find tall ships flying in the endless skies. It was not long ago that a generation of explorers led by the respectable Marco Polo found and mapped hundreds of connections between the numerous realms. Commerce and trade popped up all over the Spiral and nations began to learn that the strength and size of their fleet was the real key to their destiny. Valencia, Polaris, Marleybone, and Monquista emerged as the most powerful powers of the time so they formed colonies and forged trade routes to make them even more powerful and wealthy. Other realms such as Grizzleheim decided to remain neutral and claim no empire as they traded with everyone.

 Key Features

  • Design your very own pirate and guide your customized ship on amazing adventures
  • Locate and train strong companions to assist you in fighting battles on ship and on land
  • Collect wonderful treasures as you explore the Spiral and complete specific quests
  • Join or build a strong Pirate 101 crew with your family and friends

Pirate 101 1

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Mini Games

When you are not going on a quest around the open Skyway, you can try some of Pirate101’s fun mini games. With the mini games you can have a lot of fun while winning items for your ship or pirate. You will find the mini games on the Skull Island fort which is next to the carnival wagon and in other worlds. You will find challenges such as Pirate’s Pub, Rogue’s Range, Coin Drop, Powder Keg, Windjammer, and Rat Attack.

Pirate 101 is free to play.

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