Patrician IV

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Interesting political intrigue.

Lackluster sea battles.

Patrician IV is an economic simulation game that you can download through steam or from their website directly.  The idea of the game is to work to create your own enterprise within an ancient time period. You can go about amassing your wealth in a variety of different ways. You can produce mead, going to city politics, running import export business, or even work at hunting pirates. As you gain support in the game from lords and merchants you can work to build your business and earn more money through the game.

The game is set in a period of the medieval ages. The idea is for you to establish business in these times by buying cheap goods, or producing cheap goods and shipping the goods overseas. The game also has extra elements which make this simulation a little more difficult.

For example if you were to buy up all of one town supplies to sell to another town, you may find that prices will increase upon your return to the first town. The reason for this is because citizens will get very angry with business owners for denying them services and for limiting the amount of goods and services that they can access.

If you buy up all of one shopkeeper supplies, this will leave nothing in the town for the citizens, meaning that their opinion of you will be changed for the worse. This can work against you if you are ever trying to run for politics in the game or trying to complete missions that will help to earn you more money or gain alliances.

Eventually pieces of your business will become more automated and you will be able to set up things like automatic trade routes and production lines which can work to increase your business’s bottom line. In the beginning stages a lot of the work needs to be done by the player in order to get their business set up. After a while you can focus on doing things like building alliances or running for politics, or even hunting pirates to help protect your trade routes.

Pirates can be extremely damaging to a business in this game. As you are shipping goods across the ocean it’s not uncommon to run into pirates who can shoot down your ships and steal your shipments. It will take time before you can build up a sailing vessel that will be able to take on a number of pirates but if you can get access to cheap metal or other materials that could be used to build up your ship, you will be able to upgrade your fleet and be much better equipped to take on pirates.

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Once you are able to hunt pirates you will be able to collect bounties which can help you put money back into your business. It’s not advised to start hunting pirates until you’ve upgraded your fleet throughout the course of the game.

The fun part about Patrician IV is creating your own empire. Essentially you start with nothing, and with hard work you can eventually work up to creating your very own business empire. Adding in politics and pirate hunting can also help you to work at creating your own society and also work to keep your townspeople safe.

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