Oil Rush

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Interesting blend of real-time strategy and tower defense.

Uneven strategic gameplay.

Oil Rush is a combination of an RTS and a tower defense game. The game takes place in the universe of Waterworld which follows roughly the same story as the Kevin Costner film of a few years ago.

With the earth completely covered in water due to the melting of the polar ice caps, humans are forced to live in water cities as well as a few of the areas which still sit above the water line. Oil is still required to run a variety of tools, boats and planes and helicopters but it has become much more difficult to gain access to this resource.

In the game you are led by a man known as the commander who is responsible for your orders and for the group that you are in known as the sharks. Throughout the course of the game you will be sent out on a variety of raiding missions to try and secure special oil rigs which can work to improve your forces and help you to expand as a society.

In the game you usually start with an oil rig which you can use to harvest the resources and begin to build defenses around. By building defenses such as walls and platforms with weapons towers, you can work to defend the oil rig and also build units like cars, helicopters, jet skis, boats and more. Most of these units come complete with machine guns or some form of weapon which can be extremely good at either taking down an extra enemy forces or taking down enemy defenses.

The real-time strategy piece of this game involves sending your units out to other oil rigs to try and bring down enemy defenses so that you can eventually fortify the oil rig yourself and start to gain from the resources. You will need to be strategic and take down enemy defenses with certain types of units while engaging enemy forces with other types of units.

As you progress through the single player campaign there are a number of missions that you can complete in order to help you gain more resources and to please the leader of your faction. Some missions include escorting civilians, getting yourself through mine fields and more.

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The multiplayer can be extremely fun. There are 15 different maps that you can pick from each with its very own specific strategy. You can play using computer AI or also play online against human players. The idea is to control the resources on the map while also fighting it out with other players to try and take over all of the resource points on the map or eliminate every player that is playing. Games can be extremely short or extremely long depending on the type of strategy that you use. Some maps are much better for aerial strategy while others can allow you to opt for a naval strategy in order to win out over your opponents. To get really good at multiplayer you need to spend time learning the maps and developing strategies for each map.

Oil Rush can deliver quite a lot of enjoyment in both the single player and multiplayer games and can be found online for download on its website.

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