9.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sounds: 9/10

Evenly matched PvP battles.

Limited classes to choose from.

Taking on the role of a pirate captain has become possible with Kartuga the browser-based free-to-play MMO that allows you to choose a ship and sail the seas as you look for enemies to fight so you can gain glory and fame.

Starting the Game

In the game you are basically sailing your ship around unchartered waters while fighting brutal opposition. You will begin by choosing one of several ship classes which you will use to explore the exciting world. You will find that the world is broken up into three separate regions each of which has its own threats, treasure and factions.

You will have fun guiding your ship to uncover enemies and bases so you can engage in sea battles in real time. You and your foe will set the ocean aflame as you each test tactics, agility, and wits. Kartuga has a lot to offer you during gameplay as you will also be able to complete challenges so you can earn experience points. Earning experience will enable you to unlock a selection of ships, skills, and other items.

Basic Overview of Kartuga

  • MMOG browser-based game that is full of pirate action
  • Kartuga is free and is focused on PVP games
  • Set-up your ship and sail the seas through the game’s 3D-environment
  • Choose from three types of ships; all fully customizable
    • Protector, Engineer, or Destroyer
    • Sail the sea to battle enemy pirates, find hidden treasure, loot defeated enemies, and battle for title of the best pirate in the world.
    • Create a strong alliance with your friends and use it to sail the world’s oceans and sink all enemy ships in your way
    • Play several PVP modes including team PVP combats

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So, take your pick of ships and play your way to becoming the best pirate in the world. It only makes sense to play Kartuga if you are an intense gamer who loves games in the pirate genre. Once you discover Kartuga you will want to spend hours joining battles, either on teams or by yourself that are evenly matched and thrilling. Check it out today because this is an action-packed MMOG at its finest.

Kartuga is free to play.

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