8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Unique Land & gameplay.

Quest dialogues too lengthy.

Florensia is a 3-D animated MMORPG set in a fantasy universe. Florensia differs a little differently from regular MMORPG’s because it also gives you the ability to level up at sea. While playing through this game players will play as adventurers who have the ability to go on adventures on the land and complete quests, or to go out exploring on a different continent and to level and gain experience while at sale.

Many MMORPG’s will simply fast travel players to each new destination, when you play through Florensia, each and every time that you travel you will feel as if you have gone on a real journey. Rather than quickly traveling characters across continents through sea voyages, you will need to actually get on a boat and live out all of the experience that your character would have on that boat is well.

You may have to fight pirates, sea monsters and more in order to get to your destination, and you can complete quests and challenges for crew members on the boat.

There are four classes in the game. You can select from the Explorer class, mercenary, noble or saint. Each class also has the ability to specialize further on in the game at level 40. Explorers for example could become an excavator or sniper, mercenaries can become a gladiator or swordsman, nobles can become a magician or magic night and Saints can become a priest or shaman. By leveling through the game you can get closer to the specializations which can give you amazing powers later on in the game.

When you first begin again you will also be able to choose the type of ship that you can travel on. There are a variety of different ships including the armored ship, assault ship, big gunship, maintenance ship and torpedo ship, each one will have its own advantages as you play through the game. Different ships can help you blast through enemies or last longer in the ocean, so it’s very important to read up on each type of ship before making your selection.

The game also has a fairly unique dueling battle system as well as world PVP where you can show off your character’s strength as well as your own battle skill by taking on other players.

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If you are able to join with friends or create a guild you can work to build world PVP groups or even raid against some of the stronger enemies in the game. The tower is an example of a challenge that may require a dedicated group of skilled players. The purpose of the tower is to scale all 100 floors while facing bosses along the way. You will be rewarded heavily if you are able to finish this challenge.

Florensia is also 100% free to play and features graphics which are quite comparable to any current MMORPG on the market. All you need to do to sign up and play it is go to the developers website and download the game.

Florensia is free to play.

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