7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Island setting sets it apart from other browser games.

Only 2 factions to chose from and slow paced progression.

Escaria is a 2-demensional MMO that is browser based where you can build islands into your own powerful city. The strategy game is very popular in Germany that has many game play features that are interesting. This free browser game is great because after you build your island you can battle thousands of live players from all over the world.

Escaria Overview

When Escaria begins you get to choose if you want to be a Roman or a Viking where each has their own weaknesses and strengths. In the game there are four vital resources and they are Iron, wood, stone, and food. The gameplay includes you upgrading your island, making some alliances, and then raiding rival nations. You are also in charge of keeping your population growing as you are able to expand your island further into the sea if needed.

Although Escaria has a slow paced progression and will take time to become established, there are a series of quests that will help get you on track as a newcomer. To truly enjoy this game you must have much patience and be a fan of the gameplay style offered. However, if you do you can look forward to brilliantly colored visuals and two factions that are playable. You will choose your strategy whether it is growth, trade, peace, or war you will choose your own destiny.

Designing your nation

On Escaria you will find a large selection of interactive world nations in which you can decide between different agencies to create your island kingdom. For example, you will deal with commercial situations and other players while you wage wars and explore the world around you. However, the most important factor is that you are ruler of your tribe where it is your duty to choose when Escaria gives mercy to your subordinates. In other words, you can build them a private island or move them to the sea. Furthermore, you will choose whether your people are war-like or peaceful people. Regardless which you choose, there is also the option to construct ships and join a guild while trying to conquer the other nations using naval combat.

Options are endless with Escaria, but one thing is true and that is you will either raid other camps to collect materials or you can build straight from raw materials. The amount of tactic and skill you have will determine if you raise a small tribe or a large one.

Escaria Gameplay

As soon as you begin the game, you are given your very own island in Escaria. It is up to you to build a fleet of ships to upgrade in order to reach a higher level. One important gameplay feature is that you must collect and create resources such as wood and food which gives your population with something to do while you can begin building businesses and various buildings that will help your island’s residents.

So, you can create a tribe that is separate from the rest of the world where they are uprooted alone on a deserted island fighting for survival. You can then take over the island’s control and lead them to a bright, golden future. Escaria will allow you to expand, explore, conquer, and act on the merciless expanses of the sea as you decide the fate of an entire population.

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Interacting with the Escaria World

Unlike other browser-based games, the best player available does not necessarily mean the person has the best ranking. Escaria, on the other hand, gives out several different awards weekly. They give you a chart where you can see your island. The map also includes trading stations that are local which are very important at allowing you to exchange your resources with other Escaria players. It doesn’t take long for each opponent to learn who the fittest in terms of fighting and construction is.

One interesting element in the game is that at regular intervals, there are new parts of the island produced. Additionally, the game allows you to expand through attacks on other island owners while you conquer their countries while enabling you to run through conquest campaigns with your course fleet successfully.

In the end, remember your island and ship fleet can always be under attack, so make sure you patrol your assets correctly while you construct the correct buildings, conduct research, and combine tactics.

Escaria is free to play.

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