Dogs of the Seas

6.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

It has a brightly colored graphics during ocean scenes.

Slow paced gameplay.

Dogs of the seas is a MMO that is browser-based and free to play. The game offers exciting action as it is a great mix of role-playing and strategy as you engage in sea battles in real-time. You will take on the life and career of a pirate where your goal is to make other pirates and dealers afraid of your power! On the other hand, if power is not what you crave, you can concentrate your efforts on trade and production until you become a large supplier of cannons or ships. Either way, you will want to have money and power so use this game to create your very own Caribbean fate.

General Gameplay

Dogs of the Seas lets you create your very own cove of pirates using over 14 types of production buildings. It also lets you develop through two different technology stages. You will be able to choose from 22 ship classes to build your fleet from. Once your fleet is built, you can then set sail between ports of 36 large cities that are spread about six of the world’s regions. You will engage in battles and trade for over 400 various items and products that will help you win battles and show your status. This free game is a lot of fun as it offers nice graphics, a big community, and an in-game system for chatting.

Beginning the Game

Your pirate adventure will begin with you as an unknown in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. You will need to trade and fight your way up through the ranks to get a good standing. Once you have chosen and armed your battle ships you can set sail across the dangerous Caribbean to make yourself a dreaded and famous pirate. On your adventure across the sea you will hunt for other infamous pirates while collecting valuable treasure. Additionally, you can take on missions given to you by local agents or attempt at qualifying for daring jobs such as smuggling good or pursuing other smugglers.

You will find it entertaining to make a life of trading and handling rare goods or even creating powerful and valuable cannons or ships. This game offers many secondary game types where you can play with your friends such as real-time player vs. player battles or you can choose to play against the computer.

Fighting at Sea / Gameplay

Dogs of the Seas allows you to fight against real or computer-generated opponents in real-time. The game has several functions keys for use which can be configured to fit your personalized battle antics at sea. Aside from battle skills, the way you equip your ship will make a major difference.

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A List of Key Game Features

  • 16 classes of ship that are standard or customizable in four levels by constructing ships using blue prints
  • 15 types of cannons
  • 12 production building you can choose from
  • Alliances that can include a max of 60 members
  • 5 levels worth of smuggler runs
  • A huge world with hundreds of bays, towns, and harbours in six regions of the world
  • 64 blue prints for different ships
  • Thousands of various NPC loot combos
  • Hundreds of quests and missions that are complex and fun
  • Wars that are player versus player
  • Thousands of items that include hundreds of pieces of unique equipment
  • A large community that is international

Dogs of the Seas is free to play.

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