Dawn of Discovery

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10

Deeply customizable continuous play option.

No multiplayer.

Dawn of Discovery is a real-time strategy game that many would consider part of the Anno series. If you have had experience playing Anno games before you will find quite a similar style of gameplay in playing through Dawn of discovery.

When the game begins you will have to set out on an X for Asian mission to find an island to build a settlement and a new civilization. Once you are able to discover an island that is rich with resources you can start to form your own new colony. As you harvest resources from the land as well as find new islands to harvest from, you can begin building a vast society as well as new ships to explore the rest of the world.

The purpose of this game is to expand out across the world as fast as you can, you will have to make alliances as well as expander technology and cities so that you can harvest more resources from the land and live more efficiently to expand your civilization.

The game has a campaign mode as well as a continuous play mode that will allow you to create a sandbox mode of your civilization. The continuous play mode can be quite fun because it is very interesting to see just how far you can expand the civilization while still facing with other civilizations and issues. The structured campaign helps you to learn exactly how to play the game and also comes with a story mode surrounding the main alliances in the game.

The alliances that you are able to form in the game will help you to trade with other societies and vastly expand your society much quicker. Working with other civilizations may require you to attack others or take part in regular trading agreements to keep your alliance working. It doesn’t take too much before you can start to find yourself in debt or getting attacked by people who you were previously in alliance with if you aren’t able to keep your promises.

Part of the fun in the game is also meeting the needs of your people. Your people will have demands for how you should progress your civilization and the needs that they are experiencing within your settlements. By keeping people happy you can earn extra money and also work to see your civilization expand very quickly.

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The game is primarily a single player adventure and you cannot play with other human players. However, having the ability to adjust map size options and more for the constant play mode gives you plenty of options to tinker with and can make the game very exciting to play over again. By creating a different world each and every time that you play you can make the game more challenging for yourself and also make each new place through very unpredictable. Continuous play mode also comes with a fair amount of achievements which can be fairly complicated to complete.

Dawn of Discovery is an excellent RTS that you are sure to love if you are a fan of the Anno series. It can be downloaded from the Ubisoft website.

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