Crimson: Steam Pirates

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

The game comes with two multiplayer scenarios and eight voyages.

There's no option to allow the purchase of parts before mission.

Crimson: Steam Pirates is all about controlling your very own steam punk pirate ship fleet. In this game you can control ships on water as well as below the water in the form of pirate submarines. Ships also come with a wide variety of different weapons and there are zeppelins provided for air support. Canyons can fire lightning, incendiary bombs and more.

The game comes with two multiplayer scenarios, and eight voyages which you can play in a single player campaign style mission. In the single player version of the game you play as Thomas blood who was a prisoner of Queen Victoria. Thomas blood was able to steal the crown jewels and is freed from prison by Capt. Black heart. Once you are transported to Jamaica you need to learn the rules of the game through a tutorial system.

The first few missions in the game are all about teaching you exactly how to play. By playing through these first few missions you can learn how you can control all of the ships in the game as well as move around the maps, fire weapons, repair ships, board new ships and fight other ships in the water, air or below sea.

As you progress further in the game you will eventually start to get your hands on larger and faster ships that can do much more damage. Getting the ships will make you a much more formidable opponent online and will help you to do much more damage in the single player campaign helping you get through missions with ease.

The game requires you to be extremely tactical when you are directing ships in battle. By moving a ship to the side of another ship in battle you will get a much better shot from your cannons. The battle system is really based on you being able to make good tactical decisions and getting your ships in position fast enough to fire. Making sure to keep up your repairs throughout the course of the battle as well is constantly maneuvering your ships can take quite a lot of practice. If you lose your ship you will have to start the mission over again and perhaps even build up your ships weapons and extras in order to try the mission again and have a fighting chance.

The eight campaign missions which are available to start are absolutely free and there is also an expansion pack of missions which costs $1.99. These extra missions add quite a bit of time to the game and can extend your single player progress if you really enjoyed the single player elements of the game.

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The multiplayer is extremely fun, pitting your own ships against your Facebook friends, or getting matched with other players randomly lets you try out your skills against a real human intelligence. You can elect to either defend your ship or plated shipwreck game where you will have to try and wreck his many ships as possible. There is plans for more multiplayer content on the way so it’s very important to check back with Crimson: Steam Pirates to see when new content is released.

If you are looking for a good ship management game in a very creative steam punk universe, crimson steam Pirates could be just the game for you.

Crimson: Steam Pirates is free to play.

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