Conquer – Invasion of Pirates

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Impressive skill animations.

Repetitive gameplay

Conquer – Invasion of Pirates will have you in their world standing on the edge of destiny as intruders are invading with skills and weapons that are more powerful than you have ever seen before. You will have a blast as six heroes are joined to battle for their people as the continent is being torn apart by a chaotic war. You will work to reunite divided loyalties but what do you know about the new opponent?

Conquer – Invasion of Pirates features a new class of pirates in the expansion that is very suited for war which includes both pistols and rapiers. The game’s combat is very explosive because you are given so much precision. You are able to take enemies down both at sea and on the land. Once you learn a little bit about pirates and develop a strategy, the new class of pirates can have you quickly becoming one of the most deadly in player versus player battles.

Pirate Skills

Your skills as a pirate are based on stamina and most of your skills require a “cooldown” period. In other words, to win you must chain effective combos by using buffs and abilities with accuracy. You are also given the opportunity to switch between targets while fighting. To master the Pirate’s skills is considered the most challenging set of skills to master in the entire game. This feature adds lots of new strategies that are bloodthirsty that can be used to conquer others in the new expansion.

General Gameplay

When you are playing Conquer – Invasion of Pirates as a pirate you will begin as you do with all characters, and that is with a Beginner’s Quest held in the Twin Cities that is automatic. In the city you will find pirate trainers along with many other types of trainers. Here, the quests are the same as they are for the other classes. There is one difference and that is that the pirate quest begins with a brand new weapon class and that is the rapier. The rapier is only one of two weapons you can use as a pirate, but the rapier is your main weapon until you reach level 40. You will also begin the game with your very own unique style of coats that makes you appear prepared to raid the seas.

As a pirate you are given two abilities and they are Blade Tempest and Gale Bomb. Blade Tempest will send you sweeping with your rapier in one direction; it will help you cut enemies with a single motion at the same time as causing 90% weapon damage. On the other hand, Gale Bomb has an 8 second cooldown after it detonates enemies with a huge AoE impact and explosion that is rather impressive. Both abilities will help you later during your pirate life. However, as a newer pirate, each of the abilities will offer a separate strength for you. Blade Tempest is very good for cutting through many enemies at once and is recommended for triple combinations until you reach level 90 where combinations really start to shine. Meanwhile, level 40 brings you a promotion in class where you will obtain your very first pistol.

The pistol will act as your secondary weapon, but is still just as important as your rapier. As you play you will carry both weapons and they give you a chance to develop new combinations as you can switch from the rapier to the pistol. Eagle Eye, the first of the pistol skills, will deal a lot of damage to one target. This damage has much more power and will play an even larger role after level 90 when you will unlock a key ability called Black Spots. Black Spots is used by Blade Tempest and will boost the amount of damage caused by Eagle Eye. You can use Eagle Eye in combination with other skills to form some really powerful combos during battle.

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Combo planning is very important if you play as a pirate because many of their skills and combos are on cooldowns. There are more than one combo possible but it really depends on your battle situation and XP skills which give strong barrages of damage. You will find play with a pirate to be very interesting in PvP. We say this because if you know how to use skill combinations well you will end up dominating the battle. On the other hand, if you battle hastily you may struggle during battle. Pirates are also unique because they give you half the amount of PK points you would earn with other classes. Instead, as a pirate you will have a higher chance of getting loot from your enemies.

What we definitely know is that although pirates are new to Conquer – Invasion of Pirates, they sure aren’t scurvy-dogs. The expansion offers new styles of play and combinations that are interesting. You will enjoy pirates as they feel like a new sea-air filled breath has been given to Conquer – Invasion of Pirates. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your pirate hat and find this expansion available for free download through the game so you can give it a try!

Conquer – Invasion of Pirates is free to play.

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