Bounty Bay

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You can do battles on land and sea.

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Bounty Bay is a free MMORPG that is themed from a historical nautical viewpoint that will put you in the life of a pirate or explorer of the 14th, 15th, or 16th century. Set in the days of legendary Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, or James Cook you can take several paths which include taking your own ship to sea to fight mythical creatures or outlaws, navigating the political climate that is always changing, or you can live a life that is less adventurous like that of a craftsman or farmer. When you play Bounty Bay – you write world history!

Bounty Bay Game Features

  • The marriage system allows buccaneers who are lovesick to earn and purchase wedding items like rings, dresses, bridal bouquets, and even decorate the church the way you like.
  • You can own your own pets such as Ice Fairies, Wild Bulls, Hell Wolves, and Shadow Reapers.
  • Customization for ships
  • Players can take part in many types of battle modes like 5 versus 5 or 2 versus 2.
  • Hundreds of real ship models to choose from

Getting Started on Bounty Bay

As you play Bounty Bay, you can enter the Age of Discovery beginning way back in the early 15th century. You can choose which career path you would like to take such as a pirate, merchant, fisherman, or sailor that will help you earn your fortune on the high seas. The game features a unique system for trade that is based around supply and demand. With the PvP system, you can grow a strong guild and eventually fight to take control of cities that you will then govern as you wish.

Basic Gameplay

Bounty Bay puts you right in the midst of sailing ships. You will enjoy having your own boat so you can explore the known world during the 14th to 16th centuries while visiting 60 various harbor cities in Asia, America, Africa, and Australia; however, you could also set sail towards Europe and big cities such as London. When you arrive to your destination in London, for example, you can drop your anchor and explore the British capital where you will see it in a 3rd person perspective.

You will choose your own path that will lead you to fortune and fame. With Bounty Bay you can feel free to act as a malicious pirate who is blood-thirsty or as a fisherman who means no one harm as he is very peaceful. The game is great even if you are not a fan of the water as you can choose to take a career as a blacksmith, farmer, or lumberjack. Additionally, thanks to the trading system that figures all prices based on simple supply and demand, you can become a trader if you wish. Beware as the political climate has a major influence on how your business will run. In other words, if there is a strained relationship between Portugal and Britain, then it will be hard to sell your products in Lisbon.

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If you prefer sabre over cash, then you probably want to choose the life of the skull. When you are a pirate, you can conquer and attack cities, capture other ships, and fight many battles at sea. As a pirate you can also collect treasure from sunken ships and sell the treasure either at a good harbor or at a special pirate nest.

In the end, you will enjoy the adventure that is Bounty Bay. When you begin you will start with a simple boat but the longer you play, the better the boats and other items you gain access to. The better the ships you collect, the more places you can explore because more advanced vessels can help you explore water that are much more dangerous than the typical ones. So, regardless if you opt in for a classical subscription or play via the free 2-play server, the important part is that you are playing – because if not, you are missing out on a lot of fun!

Bounty Bay is free to play.

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