Battle Pirates

7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Friendly playerbase.

Everyone else in the world attacks you.

Battle Pirates is a real-time strategy game built in a Facebook app. Players progress throughout the game as steam punk Pirates and the idea is to command a group of pirates to build a special outpost which they can use as their base of operations.

The idea is to get players to fight over power and resources which are fairly limited in the game. You will need to build ships, weapons and armor in order to get access to these valuable resources. You will have to battle over these resources on a battlefield by launching your ships from a dock and sending them out into the open sea where you can assign them missions which can help you to get extra resources for your outpost.

Overall quite a lot of the action takes place between NPC’s as well as other in game players. When you assigned your players on missions there is always a worry that they will run into other rival pirates or run into a variety of computer players who can easily destroy a small fleet.

By exploring, mining, salvaging and attacking other players and NPC’s you can work to expand your empire and earn more points for the leader boards. The leaderboard application helps to keep the game very competitive, you can compete against your friends on Facebook as well as also see how you stack up in world rankings.

You are able to control up to five different ships which means that there can be a variety of different missions going on at any one time. You will be able to mine resources using the buildings in your outpost as well is also steal resources and mine resources by exploring. The key is to always have ships out on away missions so that you can constantly be accumulating resources in your outpost as well as out in the ocean through exploration.

One of the most fun options with this game is that ships are very customizable as well. As you play the game you can customize your pirates and ships with new weapons and armor as well as edit your fleets hulls, colors and options. As you play the game you will unlock stronger Hulls for your ships which can give you an advantage over other players. Your total fleet will have a weight limit which helps to keep players extremely balanced. You need to be strategic with your ships and which ones you choose to upgrade when facing enemy players as the weight limit keeps all players fairly balanced.

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The community makes the game quite fun. There are a number of forums that allow you to plan attacks as well as work to take out some of the top leaderboard contenders. In many cases lower-ranked players will all gang up on the higher-ranked players to take down their resources so that they can further expand their own empires. Meeting new friends on battle pirates and coordinating attacks to expand your own pirate empire makes this game extremely fun and well worth a look on Facebook.

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