Arizona Rose and the Pirates’ Riddles

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Entertaining mosaic puzzles.

The game gets repetitive.

Fans of puzzle games will adore Arizona Rose and the Pirates’ Riddles. Its main appeal is the fact that it has hundreds of puzzles available, giving you the chance to play and have fun for a long time. This gives you the chance to continue through this without having to worry about it being over within an hour of starting, something that usually ruins games for players.

Once you start, you will be able to enjoy what is offered and continue this for a while. Since there is also a story thrown into this, which does not have a heavy presence in the game, you will be able to find more of a reason to keep playing.

Arizona 12

The story is not the main point of the game, but it is still there. It is you playing as Arizona Rose, the world’s best treasure hunter. Being the world’s best, you can expect to go on some incredible journeys in the search for incredible rewards. This is where this game places you, on one such journey.

You are going to be looking for Blackbeard’s treasure, which is going to lead you through various puzzles and into a world of many wonders. Find yourself through this and be successful at every turn if you want that treasure for yourself.

Arizona 2

Where Arizona Rose really shines is the number of puzzles. There are hundreds available, keeping you entertained for quite a while. From the beginning, you are going to be going through puzzles and trying to find your way through this with your mind, not your sword. Look at the puzzles and try to figure out the best way to solve them. A great change here, by the way, would be the fact that this offers more than one type of puzzle along with several mini games. This means that you are not going to be experiencing the same boredom from doing the same things that you get in other games.

As you might expect, the game is going to become more difficult as you progress through it all. You are not doing the same thing over and over again, after all, so you can expect there to be some increase in difficulty. When you are going through these puzzles, they are going to begin growing and they are going to become harder to complete.

Arizona 11

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Since this is gradual, it is going to go with how you are improving within the game. Whether you are experienced or new, this is something that you can play with ease while still having a lot of fun.

Arizona Rose and the Pirates’ Riddles is extraordinary in all that it offers. While its story is light and does not offer a lot of depth, you are not going to be playing for the story. It is there to add to the puzzles and to make everything just a bit more interesting, which it does successfully. The big appeal is the puzzles. There are plenty of them and they provide you with a lot of entertainment and challenges as you play.

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