8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Huge playerbase | Deep tradeskill system

Story is mediocre | Generic quest system

ArcheAge follows a lot of similar MMORPG’s out there. If you have played these types of games, you likely know what to expect from the gameplay and appearance. This does not mean that it is not unique or interesting, however. In fact, it is actually one of the better MMORPG’s available, which is why it has gained a large amount of interest.

Players continue to love this game and share it with everyone because of how exciting it is. With nearly endless options and a nearly endless amount of gameplay, it is no wonder. There is more here than you may ever get to enjoying.


You start out like any other game of this type, creating your character. Customize the look and style, making it unique and fitting for you. At first, this may seem simple, or at least a bit more interesting than what you find with most other games. You create your class by choosing three of ten basic skill types. The different options here make it easy for you to choose the look and experience that works for you. Since there are so many options, you can play and replay as often as you would like without the combat feeling stale or boring.

As you continue to play ArcheAge, you will see your skill tree blossom. You can unlock skills that you did not have before, becoming a better fighter and finding new ways to enjoy the game.


What you started doing may not fit you a few levels into the game, or you may find yourself better equipped to handle enemies than you were. The pet system makes battling even more entertaining. You can train them to become mounts or companions on the battlefield. When they are out, though, you will need to revive them, as you would any member of the team.

Being an MMORPG, you will have other players around you. Being one of the best and most praised of its kind, you will have an immense community. Whether you prefer solo or love fighting in a team, this is a community that is right for you. You can find all types of people to fit all types of needs and interests.


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Even if you would prefer to go fighting on your own and not make friends in game, you will have someone there when you need them. There are constantly new ways to enjoy yourself thanks to such a huge community.

The community is not the only part of ArcheAge that makes it outstanding, of course. The content is amazing. You have content after content waiting for you to explore. Thanks to how beautiful this game is and how well made the content is, you can find yourself in love with every moment of it. You may not get to all of the content while playing, either. This is not a problem, though, since it is a free game that you can continue playing at any point. Jump in easily and explore as often as you would like.

ArcheAge is free to play.

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