Anno Online

9.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sounds: 9/10

No need to download since it's browser-based and this game is free.

The graphics looks like a downgrade version of Anno 1701.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Pirate Strategy Games.

Anno Online is a free online strategy simulation game that allows you to develop and construct large medieval cities. The game does not require a download, so you can experience an intricate city simulation right from your browser!


Anno Online is a city-building game for the PC that incorporates strategy elements.

You will begin with nothing so you will have to occupy an island, create the economy, and inhabit other islands that can provide you with individual resources. However, this is optional as you can simply trade with your friends to receive any necessary resources. You will begin with access to five islands; if you purchase the premium pass you can open four extra islands.

In games such as this, you must amass every accessible resource to construct structures, especially the important ones (i.e. cathedrals, etc.) and ensure the citizens get exactly what they desire. In Anno Online, you want to listen to your citizens very carefully because if you allow them to become unsatisfied or unhappy, they will eventually begin to spawn riots.

The game is based on Anno 1404 which explains why it features gothic architectures, patrician merchants, and medieval settings with enhanced visuals. Nonetheless, Anno Online is not completely reminiscent because it adds new tasks, events, and functions which promises much enjoyment for the fans of the Anno series in combination with any new players also.

The game was programmed with Adobe’s Flash 11 format, so it allows browser-based games to take full advantage of 3D graphic technologies. This is a gorgeous game that will captivate you with its 3D medieval world with graphics that are high-quality and will let you see the details up close so you can really enjoy the life that occupies your city.

Building Your City

Once you begin building your city, your island will be a small population of farmers and workers. You are able to choose crops and build wooden farmhouses as you collect more and more from harvests. Eventually you will manage an entire city and be able to begin building a fleet of colonization and merchant ships.

Further into the game you are able to go more places and build colonies on new islands. However, the island you are given to begin with is large and includes mountains, fields, many trees, and shoreline. Every large city is able to have up to 1,500 buildings of which there are over 200 separate building styles you can pick from. One cool feature is that you can specify your workers to take on long-term projects such as harbours, cathedrals, castles. And other types of monumental buildings. A harbour is essential because you must build all ships there. In addition, make sure you keep a careful watch on your available resources. Remember that you can always rent ships, develop sea lanes, and simply observe until your trade routes begin to grow.

As you construct, you will open new abilities and face new issues as your population grows because the people act in a dynamic manner. For example, if you see them holding up signs and marching, you better do something because they are not happy. To keep plentiful resources you will want to create a good amount of mines and farms. After you build churches and markets you will need to upgrade them after awhile so they can keep pace with the growth.

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Finally, you can specialize in a certain type of economy. If you wish, you can create guilds by joining your city with other players or with a large empire. Such guilds are able to take part in worldwide quests. Make sure you visit the cities of other players so you can help them grow. The game is a blast and is a great way to communicate with other players as they give you a friends list and chat function. Additionally, your friends will need to help you in delivering resources for large projects like finishing a monument. In the end, regardless if you use Mac, Linux, or Windows you can create an avatar and begin playing today!

Anno Online is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Pirate Strategy Games.

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