Anno 2070: Deep Ocean Expansion

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Expanding on both land and sea.

The Islands seem much smaller and space more valuable with expansiveness - a problem in multiplayer games.

Anno 2070: Deep Ocean Expansion is a RTS, resource sim game that allows you to help rebuild your own civilization. The story involves the world being swallowed up by rising sea levels which have made most of the world uninhabitable. As a result humans are required to create their own new society and engineer a way to survive and overcome living in conditions which are inhospitable.

In the game you are responsible for directly managing resources and solving problems just as an engineer or world leader would have to. You will have to initiate trade and alliances with other nations and also create an economic management system that will help you to build your new society from the ground up.

You can build new buildings and create production chains to harvest resources to keep your new society running smoothly. By building robot factories, oil refineries and diamond mines you can work to create a variety of goods that can be used to trade with other nations and build new buildings to establish new production chains.

This game is another piece of the puzzle in the Anno series. There have been several games before it and this one sets to take the game into a new era. With all new challenges and the ability to expand your city like never before, Anno has become a much more immersive experience for all players.

There is also a change in the way that your civilization is played. You can select an industrial course of expansion or you can also work to create an environmentally friendly society, there is also a chance to become a science based society to expand your civilization with science. The decisions that you make for production options in the game will help you to build new alliances with tycoons, geniuses or ecos who you can work to trade resources and more to throughout the game. This means that you will have to really think before you build each new item and also really stick to your alliance when expanding your society. Building the wrong item or going against your commitment to the environment or to industrialism could put your alliances at risk and make it difficult to advance in the game.

Discovering new resources that you can harvest and trade is also one of the most fun parts of the game. Exploring the depths of the new ocean as well as looking into the sky will help you to find new resources that you can build around and harvest. You can also work to expand your research which can give you access to better forms of exploration and building technology so that you can harvest more resources at a time.

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With over 150 challenges and quests the game has a variety of goals to complete that will keep you busy for hours. Expanding your society, forging alliances and more can be very fun but it is the challenges in this game that get you the most points and allow you to advance in the leaderboard rankings faster.

If you are interested in trying this game for yourself you can download a demo from the Anno 2070 website. The game and it’s expansions and scenario pack DLC is also available from the store online too. This extra content gives you even more reasons to give this a try.

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