8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

The game has a rewarding teamwork-based gameplay.

Low server populations and poor tutorials.

If you have ever wanted to master the skies as a sort of pirate, then AirBuccaneers is the game for you. This is a great way to have fun and to compete against others in a massive, attractive world. You have a lot to do everywhere, and this is far from the simpler games that resemble it.

Rather than just shooting down the enemies over and over again with highly similar ships, you have a more complicated game to play. This is a step away from what you usually play in this genre, as well as a step in the right direction. You have something that offers much more without sacrificing entertainment.


When you first think of a game like AirBuccaneers, a Steampunk style air pirates game might come to mind. A style similar to Skies of Arcadia where you have these incredibly large ships setting sail into the winds is often the first thing that comes to players’ minds. However, Air Buccaneers is very different in the way that it looks.

While the graphics are beautiful and current, the ships are not exactly ships. These are small platforms that are using large balloons to carry them into the skies. On these platforms, you have your crew. You use your crew to attack others and to protect your own ship.


Your crew can be either Vikings or Buccaneers. These two are at war with each other, and it is important that you are there to protect your own. Whether you choose to be a Viking or a Buccaneer, you are going to be doing everything in your power to fight. Since this is a massive multiplayer game, you have other people around you fighting. This means that you are not simply going against NPC enemies here. You can battle against real players and improve your skills through combat.

What makes AirBuccaneers different is the fact that it is not all about shooting. In most cases, these games are about having more life, being stronger, and being faster. This means that higher levels are simply better at all times, especially since it is all about taking the HP down as quickly as possible.


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Air Buccaneers gives you more, though. You can actually stop attacks with one tool on your ship while improving your skills with individual weapons. This will help you to have a unique ship in its strengths as well as strategize in a way that suits your capabilities.

While playing AirBuccaneers, you are going to encounter various enemies. You are going to be having fun, exploring, and, of course, taking down the enemies. You have a unique game that offers something different in a genre that has been done before. For people who love these types of games, you have something that is going to catch your interest and strengthen your love for the genre. With its availability on Steam, you can find and play it quickly so that you can start your journey as a Viking or Buccaneer right away.

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