Games Like Ship Simulator Extremes

Here is a list of games that are similar to Ship Simulator Extremes.

Anno 2070: Deep Ocean Expansion


If you played the original Anno 2070, then the Anno 2070: Deep Ocean Expansion is something that you must get. It takes the game that you love and builds upon it, giving you more to build and create. Upgrade, collect more resources, and create the perfect civilization in so many more ways.

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World of Warships


With World of Warships, you are going to customize your own warship and then go to war. It is a rather straightforward game that offers plenty of options, rewards, and excitement for everyone. You have the action and selection that makes a game like this so wonderful, as well as the gameplay that makes everything even better.

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Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic


As commander for the Germans, you have a lot of responsibilities. In Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic, those responsibilities consist of moving through the ocean in your U-Boat in search of other U-Boats. Take down the ones you see in order to defeat the allied forces and come out the victor.

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Oil Rush


Taking elements of both real time strategy and tower defense games, Oil Rush gives you a new way to experience gaming with a unique story. You are going to travel out to oil rigs in an attempt to conquer them, bringing them back to your commander and becoming stronger every minute.

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Navy Field


You are thrown into World War II in Navy Field. Rather than having you fight on the ground, though, you are going to fight at sea. Use your own navy to take down the enemies, helping your side to win the war. With skill and a good strategy, you can come out successful.

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