Games Like Pirates of the Burning Sea

Here is a list of games that are similar to Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Uncharted Waters Online


Take to the seas in Unchanged Waters Online as a sailor, pirate, merchant, or trader. You are going to have plenty to do in this MMORPG, where there are tons of activities and plenty of excitement awaiting you in a beautiful 3D environment. Get ready and get out on the water right away.

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Bounty Bay


Battle on land and sea in Bounty Bay. You are going to fight as a pirate during the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, moving through history on your journey to become a famed and fearsome pirate. It is a challenge, but it is one that offers more than enough excitement.

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In a Steampunk setting, where the ships and crew are ready to battle it out with other players, you are going to have to try your best to succeed. Air Buccaneers is a beautiful and exciting multiplayer browser game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you attempt to dominate the skies.

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Conquer – Invasion of Pirates


Choose your class, get an awesome new weapon, and join the growing community in Conquer-Invasion of Pirates. You have plenty to do, intense battles, and so many opportunities ahead of you, keeping you busy and challenged from the moment that you begin. This is the MMORPG that keeps you going long after you become bored with others.

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Voyage Century


Voyage Century takes you on a true voyage, a journey. This is not some simple game with swords and enemies. Instead, it is a game of explorations, intense battles, and even business. You are going to live a wonderful life seeing ancient cities and taking down anyone who stands in your path.

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Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress Expansion


Using some incredible weaponry along with the chance to customize items, you can take control and bring excitement to your everyday life with Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress Expansion. This is a wonderful expansion on the original that takes what you love about the game and give you so much more.

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Pirates of Black Cove


Choose a faction and then find peace in Pirates of the Black Cove. Of course, this peace is not for the good of all. It is peace for you and your kind, naming you king. Together, you can become the most fearsome group to control the seas, taking down all who stand in your path.

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Four main character classes, though 12 total, gives Florensia a good start. Once you start really playing it, though, it begins to shine. This game offers plenty of action and excitement for anyone, keeping the options and opportunities coming to you as you continue to play, explore, and become the best.

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