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Here is a list of games like Kartuga that you might also enjoy.

Anno Online


You start with just an island in Anno Online, but that is going to grow into something extraordinary. As you play, you can build your city and watch it turn into something amazing. Use your skills, imagination, and what is available to you to create something unique and wonderful. It is easy and fun for everyone.

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Grand Voyage


Battles at sea and earning gold and silver seems like something out of a story, but it is all possible in Grand Voyage. Build up your status in this game, go out and battle with others on the water, and earn some gold and silver through trade. Live a life of riches and excitement in this game.

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Patrician IV


Patrician IV puts you on the task of amassing a fortune. In this game, it is not about earning money from kills, as it is in other games. Instead, you are going to do whatever you want, from starting a business to hunting down pirates, and you are going to earn respect along the way.

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Kultan: The World Beyond


Explore many areas in the world of Kultan: The World Beyond. Here, you are going to have your own customizable ship, your character, and the chance to find treasure. Go out on adventures to get that treasure and to prove that you are the real deal as far as adventurers go.

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Pirate 1709


Pirates 1709 gives you the opportunity to build up a settlement all on your own, but it does not stop there. Along with the building, you are going to protect yourself and attack enemies. Take down those who threaten you and those you want gone, bringing action and strategy together.

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Battle Pirates


Starting up Battle Pirates, you are going to build your outpost and prepare for battle. The battle itself is full of action and is happening on a constant basis, so be prepared. To make this better, you have the social features of a regular Facebook game to keep your friends involved.

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Pirate Storm


You are going to fight for fame and glory in the immense world of Pirate Storm. The beautiful graphics will bring to life the battles, the monsters, and enemies all around you, and you have to take them down. Use your ship and your skills to tear down your enemies where they stand.

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My Free Pirate


My Free Pirate offers an easy to play, exciting adventure for anyone interested in pirate games. The story is great and the progress is engaging, getting you into it at every step. The further into the game that you go, the more you are going to want to play this immense and wonderful game.

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With more features and opportunities than you can imagine, Escaria allows you to embrace your imagination. Create your perfect city, powerful and capable, and then go to war with other players. Fight and prove that your city beats them all. Work and battle to become the top player in the game.

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Tides of Fortune


Tides of Fortune is going to test your pirate skills in full. You are going to start as a pirate with very little going for you, who can barely lead yourself, to a legendary pirate that is going to strike fear in the hearts and minds of all who hear your name and all who see you.

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