Games Like Kartuga

Here is a list of games similar to Kartuga.

Patrician IV


Patrician IV puts you on the task of amassing a fortune. In this game, it is not about earning money from kills, as it is in other games. Instead, you are going to do whatever you want, from starting a business to hunting down pirates, and you are going to earn respect along the way.

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Battle Pirates


Starting up Battle Pirates, you are going to build your outpost and prepare for battle. The battle itself is full of action and is happening on a constant basis, so be prepared. To make this better, you have the social features of a regular Facebook game to keep your friends involved.

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Pirate Storm


You are going to fight for fame and glory in the immense world of Pirate Storm. The beautiful graphics will bring to life the battles, the monsters, and enemies all around you, and you have to take them down. Use your ship and your skills to tear down your enemies where they stand.

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With more features and opportunities than you can imagine, Escaria allows you to embrace your imagination. Create your perfect city, powerful and capable, and then go to war with other players. Fight and prove that your city beats them all. Work and battle to become the top player in the game.

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