Games Like Florensia

Here is a list of games that are similar to Florensia.

Conquer – Invasion of Pirates


Conquer-Invasion of Pirates involves a chaotic war in which 6 other players join the battle. The main objective of the game is to reunite the divided loyalties. You will need to develop a good strategy. If you really want to win this game the most important feature is to learn the pirate skills.

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Tales of Pirates 2


This 3D multiplayer online voyage involves hunting for treasure, and it is fun! You will be challenged of course, as the battles throughout the play can be waged on land or sea. You will see numerous secrets are hidden so that you can find treasure for the pirates. You will love this exciting adventure.

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Pockie Pirates

Pockie_PiratesPockie Pirates is an animie style pirate voyage that uses a 2D browser. You will have a wide array of play options. You will see some similarity with Pockie Ninja as you play the role of a young buccaneer. The 4 types of classes of people are the Sniper, Navigator, Great Swordsman and the Doctor and that are provided with magical abilities.

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Pirate 101


An excellent adventure awaits you in Pirate 101. You can create your own ships and sail on them. Make sure to recruit a crew and train them to fight in battles. You get to even collect great treasures while completing your quests. Get your family and friends involved and have a blast!

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Uncharted Waters Online


This MMORPG developed theme is free to play. Your role is to act like soldiers, traders and adventurers. The main requirement is that you must engage in battle and explore and even trade within your quests. Skill is divided into three areas that include sea, land and water.

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Pockie Saints


Pockie Saints is designed around the Zodiac system and is free to play online. You will need to learn the control of the Holy Blades to gain the favor of the Zodiac lords. This is made possible by collecting the Zodiac artifacts and then you can opt among the three classes which include tough warrior, agile assassin, and wise mage.

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Conquer Online


This classic martial arts journey provides you an opportunity in a luxurious world of fantasies. You will have to win over outrageous monsters and even complete dangerous quests that come in your way to make the best use of your life. It allows you to explore your savage beast.

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This is reminiscent of Diablo like games. You need to have good skills and make use of good equipment to reach higher levels. The best part of this game is that it has an auto path finding feature that enables the player to take them from one level to another.

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Dragon Born


Do you have good skills? I hope so, but if not, you can work on it. Cronus’s main requirement is good skills. You can link your play with the language of your choice. Make sure to make use of the great equipment available to reach higher levels. The best feature is it has an auto path finding feature that enables you to take your character from one level to another.

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Broken Realm


Specially designed to fight against evil and to gain the throne, Broken Realm is the game for you. This medieval fantasy will take you on amazing quests with heroes, mages and Paladins. Become the great warrior that is hidden inside and then go win the battle against others.

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