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Here is a list of games similar to Anno Online.



Escaria is the perfect match for just about anyone and you will find yourself on the edge of your seat while you build islands as well as battling live players, which creates an unbelievable experience.

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Pirates: Tides of Fortune


In Pirates: Tides of Fortune as you get the full buccaneer experience. Battle your way to success and sail away the victor as you fight for your booty. You will love being able to create your own team to create the most amazing fleet on the sea.

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Patrician IV


Your love for stimulation will only grow with Patrician IV as you find yourself creating an enterprise in your very own time period. As you accumulate wealth along the way and produce your import or export business you will be able to help other merchants and lords to gain even more wealth.

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Dawn of Discovery


For all you real time game lovers, Dawn of Discovery is the experience you will not want to miss. You will be able to play in real time as you find islands to build settlements and civilizations on. Once you have the island you can form a new colony of your very own.

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Battle Pirates


This Facebook app game is perfect for you if you like awesomeness and edge of your seat fun! Battle Pirates offers you an intriguing and captivating experience as you command your character to build special outposts and fight over the resources. Gain all the power you wish since you are the one in charge.

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